ANTISPY.EXPERT protects you from:

  • Hacker attacks
  • Undesired filming
  • Industrial espionage
  • Phone-tapping


  • Screening of premises
  • Cleaning of premises from listening devices
  • Securing phone calls
  • Securing data transmission
  • Securing interviews during conferences
  • PC and server data security
  • We offer the services in accordance with the Slovak and EU legislation.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • We provide individual approach.
  • Free preparation of initial consultation and recommendations.


We have been providing our services since 2002. We operate in EU countries as well. Based on long-term experience, we offer you complex services in the field of protection of your sensitive data and communication. We follow new trends within data and communication protection and regularly inform our clients about them. ANTISPY.EXPERT is a service provided by NWS, s.r.o.


Security of premises

There are many different listening devices available in the market. They are often hidden in daily consumption items (distribution plugs in sockets or extension cords) and can be located anywhere in the room (in the wall, under a picture, in a flowerpot etc.).

Security during phone calls

Do you know that, today, it is very simple to listen to phone calls and read text messages and viewed mobile data of other people? Not even the loads of mobile apps that are wide-spread and promise "security" of data transmission can really protect you.

Security during conferences

In protecting from listening, people frequently forget that data on phone calls can also be disclosed to third parties by any of the participants. It is therefore essential that the risk of listening to a confidential interview by reduced to the people whom the communication concerns.

Security of computers

There are plenty software programs available on the internet through which your computer can be misused. Some of them are masked to look as normal use software, others as applications for downloading films or music but they can actually be viruses or Trojan horses.


Our clients are mostly:
  • business companies
  • development and scientific organisations
  • law firms
  • political parties and movements
  • state administration
  • individuals
  • public figures and known persons/personalities