Industrial espionage, listening to meetings and phone calls, theft of data from computers and servers. Undesired reality of today that can threaten anyone of us either in work or at home.


Areas where we provide our services:
  • Monitoring of premises to identify and localise listening devices
  • Protection from industrial espionage
  • Securing phone calls via mobile devices
  • Securing interviews during meetings
  • Data and cybernetic security
  • Preparation and maintenance of security projects (GDPR)
  • Securing infrastructure and servers

Modern listening devices may take different forms today. They can be hidden in normal consumption equipment (a pen, electrical socket, lamp, extension cords etc.), they can be fixed in a room or located in the next room. They can be controlled remotely or accurately timed for a certain time interval. And this type of activity is hardly detectable for laics without specific technical equipment.

Our company offers complex monitoring, complex screening (so-called electronic disinfestation) as a prevention from monitoring and listening devices.

Screening of premises comprises:

  • fast/long-term screening of premises;
  • inspection of installed technical tools, equipment and wires;
  • identification of potential security risks and possibilities of industrial and espionage attacks and risks;
  • evaluation of performed audits and proposal for implementation of defensive and technical measures and tools, optimisation of area security and communication, data and IT.

The result of the audit is a protocol of the security and technical condition of the premises with identification of risks and findings as well as proposals for implementation of recommended measures.

As our client, you will be informed, in advance, about every action that will be carried out and about any eventual risks and all the actions will be performed with your consent. The entire process will be under your supervision all the time. All the actions will be performed after signing a non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality agreement.

Price: from €30/m3 (the total price depends on the scope of services)

Mobile voice communication belongs to the most common ways of remote communication between/among two or more people. At the same time, it is one of the most vulnerable ways to listening by a third party. Even if there are countless applications available, most of them do not really provide security; it is rather a marketing strategy of their producers or they are communication tools designated for fun. Data transmissions are rarely encoded or they are encoded insufficiently.

We offer you a solution in form of the Silentel application. The application is suitable for all available mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry). It is a solution in which phone calls between the calling people are encrypted, which makes it almost impossible for other people to listen to your phone call.

The solution offers encrypting of the following:

  • phone calls;
  • conference;
  • contacts in mobile devices;
  • data transmission;
  • transmission of messages;
  • data storage in mobile devices.

The use of the application is regularly certified in the NATO countries. By using the application, you will ensure security of your phone calls and time for meetings with your partners.

Price: from €15 per 1 device /user a month

Business meetings or negotiations belong to the most important activities that must be essentially protected from listening or espionage. We offer you an affordable solution that ensures protection from undesired leaks of phone calls to a third party and de facto devaluation of any possible records. Anyone who will be near you will not understand the common conversation of the involved persons. Moreover, this solution can also be used in unsecured premises and, despite of it, maximum security from listening to the conversation by a third party can be guaranteed.

The Druid system reliably protects the users from all forms of listening including recording using dictating machines or mobile telephones. No matter whether the listening device is hidden in the room or in the clothes of any participant to the negotiation or if it is placed on a desk near the participants. The unique solution is based on generating digital noise along with human speech. The noise is several times stronger than human voice and it is not possible to remove it from recordings by any method. Meetings secured by this method are also unclear to other individuals that are present in the room but not communicating through the Druid system.

Two Druid systems can be interconnected using a supplied cable, ensuring protection from listening and recording in meetings of as many as 12 people at once. Both units interconnected this way generate digital noise and allow fully duplex communication among all participants.

The device can also be used in terrain or in a car without a permanent power source. Steady operation from the in-built accumulator is 4 to 6 hours. The battery capacity is indicated directly on the display of the device. When connected to power supply, the operating time of the device is practically unlimited.

The users will also appreciate that the device is supplied in a resistant lockable suitcase protected by a numeric code and mechanical lock, enabling safe carriage of the device. The whole system including 4 headsets and power adapter fits into the suitcase.

Druid is a fully automatic system that does not require setting or professional installation that are required when using regular noise generators. Its operation is fast and comfortable; protection by the Druid system can also be used by unexperienced users. Precisely processed with a quality metal body, the device is completely made in Europe.

The price of the device: from €2,500

We also lend our products from €80/day

Many users and companies think antiviruses or firewalls can protect them from leaks of important data from their PCs or servers. However, data protection is not about one or two security features. There must be a complex set of measures that are specifically designed for an individual user or for a specific large company. Things must be considered so as to ensure prevention or process of actions in case of a cybernetic attack.

  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering + Mystery shopping
  • Testing resistance of terminal devices
  • Diagnostics and testing of data flows and interconnections
  • Analysis and definition of security standards
  • Definition of sets of valid and verified tools
  • Definition and creation of security profiles
  • Testing information security – evaluation of the security level of the information system, infrastructure, processes and practices:
    • inspecting physical security
    • inspecting operational security
    • inspecting management/administration and policies

Testing physical security

  • Access to servers
  • Access to data storage
  • Access to working stations
  • Access to portable devices (mobile phones, tablets)
  • Backup sources
  • Measures against fire
  • Air conditioning

Testing infrastructure

  • Network security - used security features within the network topology
  • Communication security (e-mails, data)
  • System security (protection from malicious codes, unsatisfied employees, attackers etc.)
  • Testing and measures against HW risks
  • Safety of wireless connection - WiFi
  • Backup
  • Safety of applications - basic level

Inspecting management/administration and policies

  • Control of set security processes.
    Defined individuals, password storage in case of emergency, accessibility of tools in case of emergency etc.
  • Revision of documents (procedures, policies, manuals)
    Documents should define the rights and responsibilities of employees, employer, procedures that must be followed e.g. where employees leave the employer, in disasters etc.
  • Social engineering
    Obtaining information about a company, its employees, passwords, pretending to be an employee, mystery shopping etc. by phone/e-mail.

The result of testing of information security is a protocol of the information security condition with identification of risks and findings as well as proposals for implementation recommend measures. At the same time, materials designated for the client's internal employees will be prepared as a guide in the area of information security. Where the client is interested, we can also provide group training to his employees or managers.

The price depends on the analysis of the scope of services. Consultation is tailor-made to every client and is free of charge.